10 Fantastic Things To Do In DC This August

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10 Fantastic Things To Do In DC This August

It’s finally August, which means we’re in the dog days of summer.

Summer is soon coming to an end. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to cool off in DC! And even with social distancing and other pandemic safety measures in effect, there are still so many amazing fun and safe things to do in the nation’s capital this month.

1. Take advantage of the many free things to do

DC is a fantastic city to be in since there are so many cool free things to do! Between, the free Smithsonian museums, the National Zoo, the outdoor movie nights, and the botanical gardens and arboretums, there are many activities you can do where you can save a pretty penny. This is perfect if you are visiting the city or on a budget. Discover the city without needing to spend anything in the article linked above!

2. Enjoy a seafood dinner

Nothing beats fresh seafood in the summertime! Whether that’s lobster rolls, popcorn shrimp, fried oyster po’boy, or platters of shellfish, eating fresh seafood after a hot busy day is a really nice way to relax and treat yourself. There are many great places that serve delicious and sustainable seafood in DC. We have gathered them in an article linked above for an easy guide.

3. Or have a crab dinner

If you are in the mood for just crabs, we’ve also got you covered! With Maryland being so close by, and their specialty being the blue crab, Washingtonians are lucky to be neighboring such a state. Indeed, the crabs served at these restaurants are all local and fresh because they were literally fished in the restaurant’s backyard!

4. Experience Van Gogh’s art like you have never before

The Van Gogh Immersive Experience is coming to DC this August in an incredible venue! The Rhode Island Center is a wonderful new multipurpose space in a new up-and-coming neighborhood of DC that will be hosting this dazzling art experience. You will be immersed, thanks to advanced technology,   inside Van Gogh’s mesmerizing paintings that will delicately morph into all his most famous works. Buy your ticket today here!

5. Watch the Olympics at a sports bar

The Olympic Games are happening now, and sometimes it’s nice to watch them with other people in an excited and passionate ambiance. There are many sports bars in DC that will be showing the games on big TVs, while serving good food and drinks as you watch the different sports. Root for Team USA or whichever country you want to at these sports bars!

6. Discover this fashion funhouse in Georgetown


Running until August 29, this art installation is meant to reinspire your fashion sense after a year of being I lockdown and wearing sweatpants all day. Expressing ourselves through fashion is a way to showcase who we are to the world. This walk-through Instagrammable experience celebrates the return of fashion and getting dressed up again. Find out more in the link above!

7. Have a fun day with your kids

With school being out for a little while longer, it can be difficult for parents to fill the time and keep the kids occupied. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with not only fun but also educational activities to do with kids this summer to keep them busy and stimulated. Schools will be back in session in a few more weeks, so take advantage while you still can this summertime!

8. Watch an outdoor movie

Have a movie night under the stars this summer. Many parks and drive-in theaters are hosting movie nights where children-friendly movies, as well as rated R movies, will be shown on a big screen. Bring your lawn chairs, blankets, movie snacks, and set yourself up for a nice summer evening out of the house!

9. Discover the National Building Museum’s Summer Block Party

Until Labor Day, the National Museum Building will be hosting fun and free exhibits and activities. An outdoor movie night is taking place on the museum’s lawn, as well as swings and interactive art installations. This is a fun way to spend a summer afternoon!

10. Watch the sunset

Observing the sun go down is such a lovely and beautiful experience. Sunsets in August hit different, perhaps because the summer air is sweeter, and the temperature is cooler in the evenings. Take the time to experience these last summer sunsets while you still can!


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